Covid_19 Shipping Notice

There was a worldwide pandemic which resulted in lockdown. Planes were not operating. Either we had to stop doing business, or continue business and post with the only option we had, posting via land/ship.

This was an unprecedented set of circumstances and we did not know how long lockdown would last. we decided to continue doing business and let customers know we would send via land/ship, and that it was unknown territory in terms of delivery timescales, but we would keep you updated.

We ship from Thailand. Orders #1211 onward are being transported via ship rather than plane due to legislation changes. 

For orders placed during lockdown, tracking will show "no data found" until items arrive in country of destination. It does not mean the tracking number is invalid. 

Until now we have been sending weekly updates on orders sent via ship during world lockdown.

We wanted to keep customers informed. We have been monitoring the situation constantly and this has resulted in mixed information regarding timescales and caused some confusion.

To keep this simple, we are asking customers to expect delivery around 3-4 months after postage/receipt of tracking number. We base this on orders received to date, and our personal experiences with delivery from the Far East to UK during the lockdown period. 3 months was an estimate given to us, orders that have arrived seem to be taking slightly longer, around 4 months. Our carrier has let us down in terms of timescales and misinformation so this has caused enormous problems for us. 

We have said time and time again that these orders will arrive, and if not we will refund. This is an unprecedented situation for everyone and a one-off.
Rather than requesting refunds, we ask for your patience until delivery. It's only this one time we will ask.You have waited this long and a little more time will prove that our word is true.

We are sorry delivery time is so long. With everything that is going on, the future of our business is hangs by a thread and we need your help on this to get through it.

Orders are now being sent via plane as of 1st June  due to commercial airlines restarting from Thailand.

Please work with us on this. If you have any concerns feel free to email us 

We hope you are safe and in good health.

Take Care
The Team at Diamond Retro

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